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Santarelli is one of the leading intellectual property firms in France.

Advising on matters involving patents, trademarks, industrial designs, as well as domain names, Santarelli helps clients protect and gain full benefit from their IP rights.

Santarelli’s services are focused on clients’ specific needs. Aware that the requirements of a multinational corporation are not the same as those of a start-up, Santarelli has structured legal service ecosystems that are uniquely adapted to the needs of each client, whether it is the IP department of a large corporation, an SME, a start-up or an IP Partner.

Through its worldwide referral network, Santarelli has the capability to advise clients across the globe.


Patents are more than ever a strategic asset for promoting winning companies. Nowadays, patent protection must cover a larger geographical area to be effective and patenting strategies should be reviewed […]


Alfred SPIGARELLI has joined Santarelli as off-counsel after more than 30 years spent at the European Patent Office. Alfred is well known in the intellectual property community as one of […]



As is often the case, the coming of the New Year brings its set of changes. In this, trade mark law is no exception. Among the changes announced, the following are some of those to come in 2018.

in Europe
in North America
in Africa
in Asia


The impact of inventions, trademarks, and internet sites is international.
At Santarelli English is as much our working language as French.

Given that the protection of patents is governed by international treaties, that European protection of trademarks is administered in Alicante, and that patent litigation will be settled before a unified court, our work at Santarelli is necessarily international in scope.

Strengthened by an international referral network of experienced and established lawyers, Santarelli supports its clients around the world. Santarelli is able to rely on highly qualified professionals across five continents, allowing it to ensure clients seamless service.

Not bound by any exclusivity agreements, Santarelli can freely choose the IP law firm best adapted to its client’s specific needs, regardless of the country.

Santarelli’s international capabilities allow it to act as a gateway to Europe for its international clients.